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Extened Tours

Looking for something unique or have some places you’d like to see that are too far apart to do by road?  Nationwest Aviation offers a tailor-made flight experience for those looking for the ultimate travel adventure.  How do you get this tailor-made experience? 


  1. Make a list of places activities you want to see/do 

  2. Send it to us with how many days you have to do the trip and roughly when you’d like to go. 

  3. We organise a draft itinerary for you to approve or edit. 

  4. The content is quoted for you.  

  5. Say “Yes”.  


It’s simple, you tell us what you want, and we find out how to make it happen.   

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Day 5

Day 6

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 11