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Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake

Colorful nature has always captivated people’s imaginations, but the allure of naturally pink lakes is truly mesmerizing. Come and discover the enchanting beauty of Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake and see for yourself what makes it so irresistible.

Why Pink? Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake - The Origin of Its Colour

In a Nutshell

When you hear the word “algae,” you might not have pleasant associations. For many in Western Australia, it might bring to mind the Swan River Algal Bloom, a phenomenon that negatively impacts the water. However, much like delicious mushrooms are a form of fungus, the algae in Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake, Dunaliella salina, is a positive addition to this salt lake.

When exposed to sunlight, Dunaliella salina produces beta-carotene, which gives off a red pigment. This red pigment, combined with the white salt lake bed, creates the stunning pink color of the lake.

The Colorful Transformation

The beauty of this algae reaction is that it doesn’t just make the lake pink. Depending on the time of day, the lake can display a range of stunning colors within the red spectrum, offering a mesmerizing and ever-changing natural spectacle.

What is Beta-Carotene?

Beta-carotene is a naturally occurring red-orange chemical found in carrots and other vegetables. It is used by the human body to create Vitamin A and serves as an antioxidant. Due to its health benefits, beta-carotene is commonly used in vitamin supplements and skincare products, promoting healthy skin.

Famous Faces at Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake - The Backdrop of the Stars


Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake has served as a stunning backdrop for numerous high-profile fashion campaigns. Notable appearances include:

  • Gary Pepper Girl and Lancôme: During a tour of Western Australia hosted by Tourism Western Australia, Gary Pepper Girl captured breathtaking photos of Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake for her Lancôme Lip Lover campaign, “Life is Beautiful.”
  • Jennifer Hawkins x Myer: The lake was featured in the 2016 summer collection campaign by Jennifer Hawkins for Myer.
  • Kia Advertisement: In 2017, Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake appeared in a Kia commercial.
  • Meng Fei: Famous Chinese TV host Meng Fei visited the lake in 2019, further showcasing its international appeal.


Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake has also become a favorite location for music video shoots, attracting stars from around the globe:

  • EXO’s Lay: The MV for Lay’s solo song “Namanana” was filmed in various locations in Western Australia, including Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake and the Pinnacles. Check out the video to see these stunning locales in action.
  • Eurovision: The lake was featured in a Eurovision video clip, adding to its list of high-profile appearances.
  • Jay Chou: The Taiwanese singer Jay Chou filmed his MV “Pink Ocean” at Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake, further cementing the location’s status as a top destination for international stars.